Guest Minister: Pastor Nancy Dufresne
  • 19 Church Str, Fredonia, 14063

  • Family Church Fredonia

Guest Minister: Pastor Nancy Dufresne

Join us from Oct. 22-24 at Family Church Fredonia as we welcome Pastor Nancy Dufresne for three life-changing services!

Pastor Nancy Dufresne has been in the ministry for over 35 years. For 25 years, she pastored World Harvest Church in Murrieta, California, and she now travels nationwide and abroad ministering in other churches. Her sons, Stephen and Grant, and her daughter-in-law, Morgan, assist her in pastoring World Harvest Church and in fulfilling the vision and heavenly assignment that God has placed on this ministry.

She is the president of Dufresne Ministries, as well as the president of and an instructor in World Harvest Bible Training Center, a full-time Bible school located in Murrieta, California. Pastor Nancy Dufresne is also the president of Fresh Oil Fellowship, a ministerial organization.

Pastor Nancy was raised in Southwest Oklahoma where her father farmed. At the age of 19, she was born again and moved to Tulsa to attend Oral Roberts University, majoring in piano performance. In 1982, she was crowned Miss Oklahoma and was a runner-up to Miss America. It was in Tulsa that she met and married Dr. Ed Dufresne in 1984, and they had two sons, Stephen and Grant. During their 29 years of marriage, they traveled and ministered together, and they also pioneered two churches. Since Dr. Dufresne went to Heaven in 2013, Nancy and her family have continued to carry on the work he began over 50 years ago.

A respected author, Pastor Nancy Dufresne has written numerous books that instruct believers how to live in the victory that belongs to them.

In 2019, Pastor Nancy was invited to broadcast her “Jesus the Healer” program on TBN Russia, which airs in 186 countries of the world. She was also invited to air her broadcast on the Victory Television Network (VTN), which airs in several states in the Midwest.

Pastor Nancy Dufresne is known for her simple, clear teaching of God’s Word, and there is a strong flow of the gifts of the Spirit in her ministry. In this end-time era, Pastor Nancy Dufresne continues to emphasize moving with the Word and the Spirit.