Our New Building

Our New Building

It’s here!

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After years of believing God, Family Church Fredonia has officially announced that they have secured the location of their next church building.

Family Church, led by Pastors Michael and Nancy Lokietek, currently finds its home in an old canning factory in the village of Fredonia, New York.

The building has been kept up and renovated, but nearly every square foot of available space has been pushed to the max. With sanctuary seating and a little overflow, there is room for around 180 people. Guest minister services are consistently packed to overflowing, with vehicles jammed into every corner of the parking lot.

Believing God for a new building

For years, the church thanked the Lord for their new building, even though there seemed to be nothing happening. No local or feasible spaces were opening up, and without instruction from the Holy Spirit to build a new building there was no hurry to make a hasty decision outside of God’s blessing.

But, within the past few years, some properties began to appear that sparked interest. One owner even begged the church to buy his property. But without a go-ahead from the Holy Ghost, Pastor Michael and the congregation in faith; confessing and thanking God for their new building as they waited for the right one.

A bite on the line

In March of 2015, Pastor Michael received word that an historic church in downtown Fredonia was looking to sell their building. After pursuing the lead, he and his staff met at the church with the pastor of the small congregation of 10-12 people. The space was perfect – wonderful size, optimal location, and a deep history in the close-knit Western New York community. But it was written off because of one seemingly daunting problem – the only real parking available was only public parking.

Then, one night, the Holy Spirit began to deal with Pastor Michael. No parking lot meant there’d be no parking lot maintenance. With winters where feet of snow can fall in one afternoon, it became clear what a blessing this would actually be. God showed him how the parking situation wouldn’t be a hindrance to the church, but a help.

After that, it was settled. Family Church had officially found their new location.

A purchase ordained by God

The new building, referred to by the community simple as the Fredonia Baptist Church, is thousands of square feet bigger than the current space. With a large sanctuary and balcony, three floors of classrooms and offices, a meeting hall with a full kitchen, and six bathrooms, it will meet the current needs of the church with plenty of room to grow. A contractor was brought in, who determined the cost to build a similar space would cost between $3 million and $4 million.

Family Church bought it for $50,000.

Similarly, Family Church Jamestown purchased a building for $34,000 that was valued at half a million. Family Church of Wellsville, starting in September 2015, has already secured a location for $10,000. When we wait with faith and patience to get God’s answer, He will supply the right space at the right time – for the perfect price.

About the building

The Fredonia Baptist Church is steeped in the history of Fredonia. The founding fathers of Fredonia began the congregation in 1808. The church itself was built in 1853, and has been a staple of the downtown community ever since. There was a revival that took place there exactly one hundred years ago that led hundreds of locals to the Lord. This church was the birthplace of the Women’s Christian Temperance Union in 1873; the organization that led to national prohibition in the United States some years later.

A debt-free vision

While the building is in sound condition, and Family Church could have moved in right away, there are many updates and upgrades required to bring it to a standard of excellence. They’ll continue meeting at the current location while renovations are being made, and move in at a later date. More importantly, the church is believing that all of the work will be funded fully.

The whole process has been one that is a continual testimony to God’s faithfulness. Seeking the Lord, waiting on the Holy Spirit and getting God’s plan for the new building has led Pastor Michael and Family Church into a new and exciting season, and He gets all the glory for it.